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Rādio Uc takes Miquel Gil to Can Ventosa

Rādio Uc takes Miquel Gil to Can Ventosa
The Valencian singer, Miquel Gil, together with his musical group, will perform next Saturday October 18 in the cultural centre Can Ventosa in Eivissa. The concert, organised by the cultural group Rādio Uc, will start at 10.30 p.m. and the tickets cost 12 euros, or 10 euros in advance sales.

The group will present their latest record, called Orgānic, "a work based on the Valencian musical tradition, experimenting with the traditional forms and the sonorous Mediterranean substrate."

Information about Miquel Gil and his group can be found on Vesc Management.

More information about the concert:
Col·lectiu cultural Rādio Uc Eivissa
Carrer Bes, n. 1 Baixos - Teléfono 971 39 21 93
Apdo. 1054 - 07800 EIVISSA
Datum: 15/10/2003

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