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Destruction at any cost

Destruction at any cost

Greenpeace report on the state of the coastline.

Greenpeace has presented the report "Destruction at any cost 2005" that analyses the state of the Spanish coastline. The report highlights the degradation suffered by the coastal and marine environment due to human activities. The main causes of this deterioration are the massive building, the contamination and the construction of new marinas.

The report by Greenpeace is specially critical with the situation of the coast in the Balearic archipelago. According to the environmental organisation, the cancellation of the urban moratorium and the construction of new marinas brings up the "balearisation" again, term used by the specialists to define the coastal degradation.

More information: Informe de Costas 2005 (Greenpeace)

Date of publication: 06/07/2005

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