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    Earth Charter

    The objectives of the International Campaign for the Earth Charter are to promote a worldwide dialogue on shared values and global ethics; to promote the Earth Charter around the world and to seek endorsement of the Earth Charter by the United Nations General Assembly by the year 2002.

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    Antenes de telefonia mòbil

    Free service by the Ministry of Energy and Innovation of the Balearic Government dedicated to control de level of radiation of the mobile phone aerials.

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    Aus de Balears

    Balearic Encyclopedia of Ornithology.

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    Campanya d'estalvi d'energia

    Tips on lowering energy consumption by the Ministry of Innovation and Energy of the Balearic Government.

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    El paradís... o l'infern?

    Publicity campaign carried out by the GOB together with the main communication media of the Balearics.

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