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New BalearWeb Forum

New BalearWeb Forum
The debate and poll space, that since 1998 has been offered by BalearWeb, has been completely revamped. The new FORUM, in contrast to the previous system, permits several simultaneous areas of debate that can be created by the users themselves. To start with, the Forum has been organised in the following three main categories: GENERAL, that includes a sub category dedicated to general topics and other sub category dedicated to technical questions relating to Internet; ISLANDS, with four sub categories dedicated respectively to topics relating to Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera; and ARCHIVE, that includes one sub category that links to the debates and polls carried out until December 5, 2003. Within any of these sub categories, except in the Archive which is closed, the users may create new topics or write in the topics already started. To read, respond and create new debate topics it is not necessary to be registered, but to be able to vote in the polls proposed by BalearWeb it is necessary to be a registered user, to avoid the falsification of results. The registered users have other additional options not available to guest users, such as changing the language (from Catalan to Spanish or English), sending private messages or e-mails to other users, subscription to user groups and access to user preferences and configurations.

Independently of the topics started by users, BalearWeb opens the new Forum proposing the debates with the following polls: Do the Institutions give enough support to the Catalan language? (General > General), Do you like the new Forum? ( General > General), What do you think of the new Road Plan? (Islands > Mallorca), Do you think the Menorca airport should be extended? (Islands > Menorca), Eivissa or Ibiza? (Islands > Eivissa), Do you think that Formentera needs its own Insular Council? (Islands > Formentera).

As for software, the Forum is an adaptation carried out by BalearWeb of the application by phpBB Group, distributed freely via General Public Licence (GNU).

More information: www.balearweb.com/forum
Datum: 07/12/2003

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